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May 4, 2021
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Tuesday, May 4

11:10 CEST

AI inference on the Edge cloud using WebAssembly - Michael Yuan, Second State
Michael Yuan will discuss options to run Tensorflow model inference on WebAssembly. Using a Mobilenet image classification task as an example, he will cover the plain JS approach, Tensorflow.js, pure Rust libraries for Tensorflow, and WASI-like Tensorflow extensions that run on specialized inference chips. The session will go through the journey of 60,000x performance gain over the evolution of WebAssembly. He will also discuss what’s the future for WebAssembly-based AI on the edge cloud.

avatar for Michael Yuan

Michael Yuan

Co founder of Second State and maintainer of WasmEdge, Second State
Dr. Michael Yuan is a maintainer of WasmEdge Runtime (a project under CNCF) and a co-founder of Second State. He is the author of 5 books on software engineering published by Addison-Wesley, Prentice-Hall, and O'Reilly. Michael is a long-time open-source developer and contributor... Read More →

Tuesday May 4, 2021 11:10 - 11:40 CEST

13:10 CEST

WebAssembly as a cloud-native runtime for serverless functions - Michael Yuan, Second State
Serverless function-as-a-service is popular among developers. Public clouds use hypervisor VMs or containers (e.g., Docker) to run serverless functions. But they are slow and resource-intensive. In this talk, Michael will discuss the Wasm VM as a lightweight cloud-native runtime. It allows serverless functions to be embedded in edge & IoT devices, as well as in SaaS platforms. It also enables developers to deploy serverless functions on legacy systems without changing any code. Topics include: * How to create a function-as-a-service with Node.js & Wasm * How public clouds like Tencent Cloud utilized Wasm in serverless environments * How to use K8s and cloud-native tools to deploy & manage Wasm VMs Developers will get hands-on experience to create & deploy high-performance serverless functions in Rust.

avatar for Michael Yuan

Michael Yuan

Co founder of Second State and maintainer of WasmEdge, Second State
Dr. Michael Yuan is a maintainer of WasmEdge Runtime (a project under CNCF) and a co-founder of Second State. He is the author of 5 books on software engineering published by Addison-Wesley, Prentice-Hall, and O'Reilly. Michael is a long-time open-source developer and contributor... Read More →

Tuesday May 4, 2021 13:10 - 13:40 CEST

14:00 CEST

Lightning Talks: Migrating from JS to WASM, Building web services on WebAssembly, Cloud apps with Wasm, and Storing WebAssembly Modules with Bindle
14:00 - 14:10 CEST
Lightning Talk: Migrating from JS to WASM in production and living to tell the tale - Corentin Godeau, Lumen 
Here at Lumen, we develop software to help video streaming platforms scale to millions of viewers and provide top-notch quality to audiences. As video streaming soared last year, we embarked on a journey to improve the performance of one of our core offerings - a client-side CDN load balancer. In this talk, we explain how we migrated our legacy JavaScript codebase into C++ targeting WASM for the web. We discuss how we overcame the differences in paradigm between JS and WASM. We explore the constraints WASM presented when ensuring compatibility with native and how that shaped our code architecture. We also look at the tooling we used to debug the code that went into production and share some practical insights into memory management and the battle scars that you can avoid if you plan to take on this kind of project yourself.

14:10 - 14:20 CEST
Lightning Talk: Building web services for a future based on WebAssembly - Connor Hicks, 1Password
In this talk, Connor will dive into Atmo, an open source framework designed for building cloud native applications using WebAssembly modules. Atmo is enabling developers to build their applications with the popular patterns of serverless computing, while harnessing the power and security of WebAssembly. Connor will show how WebAssembly makes it easier to deploy an application to the cloud by demonstrating Atmo's unique development patterns, easy to use APIs, and straightforward deployments. Connor will also be providing extensive example code and a deep dive into what makes WebAssembly the next iteration of cloud software development.

14:20 - 14:30 CEST
Lightning Talk: Build trusted cloud apps with Wasm: WebAssembly Micro Runtime is ready - Xin Wang, Intel
It is critical to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of user code and data on the cloud and the solutions often rely on the CPU Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) feature such as Intel Software Guard Extension (SGX). Wasm introduced a new approach for abstracting workloads from the underlying TEE HW differences. WebAssembly Micro Runtime (WAMR), a Bytecode Alliance open source project has provided comprehensive support for Intel SGX, such as compiled Wasm modules, WASI, TensorFlow, and it has made an excellent adoption trend on SGX by open-source projects and commercial products. This talk will introduce the WAMR architecture and key features, as well as its usages on cloud TEE such as Smart Contract, Multi-parties computing. It will also share how the projects like Inclavare, Faasm use WAMR to orchestrate Wasm workloads for smoothly extending to cloud TEE.

14:30 - 14:40 CEST
Lightning Talk: Storing WebAssembly Modules with Bindle - Matt Butcher & Taylor Thomas, Microsoft
In this presentation we introduce Bindle, a technology for distributing collections of WebAssembly modules. We will talk about supply chain security, distributing nanoprocess-based applications (including wasmCloud), secure proxying, and dynamically assembling applications based on host capabilities. Bindle is designed to move beyond plain object storage. It can describe applications as graphs, where the application can be assembled at runtime based on the constraints and capabilities of the host. An embedded device may favor performance and speed of thoroughness. A server may run an application with a web frontend, while a phone may render it using a native windowing solution. Bindle provides a way to describe these characteristics so that the client can assemble the right collection of WebAssembly binaries to execute optimally.

avatar for Matt Butcher

Matt Butcher

Principal Software Development Engineer, Microsoft Azure
Matt does cloud native open source development at Microsoft, where he has worked on Brigade, Helm, Krustlet and others. Matt is the author of a bunch of books and articles, most recently O'Reilly's book "Learn Helm" (with Matt Farina and Josh Dolitsky). When not coding, Matt enjoys... Read More →
avatar for Taylor Thomas

Taylor Thomas

Director of Engineering, Cosmonic
Taylor Thomas is an Engineering Director working on WebAssembly platforms at Cosmonic. He actively participates in the open source community and is one of the creators of Krustlet and Bindle. He is currently core maintainer of wasmCloud, Bindle, and Krustlet. He is a regular speaker... Read More →
avatar for Connor Hicks

Connor Hicks

Founder and CEO, Suborbital
Connor Hicks is the founder and CEO of Suborbital, a startup leveraging WebAssembly to make SaaS extensible by developers
avatar for Xin Wang

Xin Wang

Senior technical leader, Intel
Xin Wang is the founder of the WebAssembly Micro Runtime (WAMR) open-source project under Bytecode Alliance. He works at Intel and focuses on managed runtime and Web technologies. Since 2009, he has led the development of several managed runtime projects for Java and WebAssembly... Read More →
avatar for Corentin Godeau

Corentin Godeau

Compatibility Software Engineer, Lumen
Corentin Godeau joined Lumen in 2020 as a software engineer on the compatibility team. He uses his knowledge of C++ to bring Lumen’s video delivery software to every device where it is possible to stream video.Corentin also values craftsmanship in software development and is passionate... Read More →

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Tuesday May 4, 2021 14:00 - 14:40 CEST
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